XR vs. LED/Green Screen

XR vs. LED/Green Screen

Know the Difference

Extended Reality (“XR”) is the hot buzzword these days. But how many people actually understand the difference between XR and LED/green screens?

Many companies are claiming to offer XR solutions, when in fact they are simply offering an LED backdrop or an LED green screen solution. Other companies offer a fixed camera XR studio.

However, none of these are true XR solutions.

So, what is XR? It’s an extended virtual reality mapped around a physical real stage made up of an LED screen backdrop and floor, in most cases. Unlike the classic green screen environment, XR allows the presenters to interact with real-time visual markers to deliver a more authentic experience.

In recent months, Pixl Evolution has invested heavily in the latest Disguise rx RenderStream units and VX4 servers along with the Mo-Sys star-tracker system, which allow Pixl to offer its clients a genuine and true XR experience with full tracking cameras and real-time rendering.

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