pixl grid versions.


***Both mac and PC versions, now available from App stores on each platform***

All future updates via Apple Mac store and Windows Store

New Mac version and future updates available thru mac Appstore
PC version updates to continue here
PC version now 64bit
New feature. Resizeable List and preview window
Bug fixes
Known issue. Large canvas limit in PC version. waiting for Xojo update to fix. 🙁


Many bug fixes and improvements.


New feature. HALF TILE SUPPORT!. Enter 4.5 in the rows for 4xfull rows and 1xhalf row. Use preferences to define top row or bottom row. (nobody needs half columns??)

New feature. In grid offsets and canvas size, you can use basic maths functions to calculate. ie 30×2 or 50+60 etc…..

New feature. In grid offets you can also shift a grid by an entire grid offset by entering 1g in the offset box.

New feature. Full or partial cursors.

Bug fixes. Hopefully stops crashing when opening grids from finder, or pressing cancel button in dialog.

Bug fixes. Tracks changes to files in a better way and warns when a grid needs saving.

Bug fixes. After effects export wasn’t adding grids to layers.

Application is now donation ware, Please consider donating to our chosen charity if you find pixl Grid useful.


New Feature. Whole tile offset. Just enter #t in OffsetX or OffsetY. ie 2t for a two tile offset etc

New Feature. svg export of canvas. Useful for Millumin Output setup

New Feature. Resolume XML export for setting up input/output maps (A real bodge, so don’t expect too much!

New Feature. Will now ask you to save before quiting.

Changed Grid file format to XML. You can still open old files. All new files will save as .pg3 files

Moved some button to the menubar to make way for future options

Bug Fixes in live output

New version scheme, with build numbers

Added chequerboard to canvas
fixed PC install


Now supports awesome looking macOS Mojave ‘dark mode’!

Various UI improvements.

Added temporary custom logo option!
Paid upgrade for addition of permanent logo, contact for details
Debugging improvements
Small routine efficiencies

Added Red, green, blue, yellow, orange, cyan, purple, magenta flat colour backgrounds

Added copy grid or canvas to clipboard
Fixed update links

changed update links

new logo handling

Minor bug fixes

Added multiple select for copy function
Added check for update on startup

Added multiple select to Save grids and Delete Grids
Added dropShadow to grid list file save

Optional drop shadow, added to small text as well

Fixed lower left grid text size for smaller screens.

Added Mask and Cursor layers to AE export
AEexport with Grids, now saves grids,mask and cursor to same folder as Script

Added de-select for large grid lists
Added Veg (yuck) and Camouflauge colour palettes

Added option to export AE script with links to grids as layers

Added Transparent canvas option
Mask mode now hides cursor, name and switches BG on

Added option to id cols or rows with letters
Hopefully fixed a bug where old version preferences would cause crash
If not, delete preferences and re-launch application to create new prefs file

Added preference
Toggle random colour / gray solid generation in AE script generator

Bug Fix
Scaling CPU usage bug
Hi-DPI support!

New features!
-Optional Column letters
-Reduced/Full range check palette
Bug Fix
-prevent crash on opening old version grid lists

Improved Fit and zoom functions
Bug fixes

Bug fix
PC version autolauch from grid file

Added Fit H, Fit V and 1:1 Buttons to view scaling
Grids now open to canvas view and scale to width
Fixed bug prevented app from closing when closing window

Bug Fix. Mac double clicking file to open app would crash

Added After Effects script export
– Creates a script which will build an AE composition for each grid and pre-comp them all into a Canvas
Added mouse click to dismiss splash screen
Added preferences for AE rate and duration
Fixed Save all grids
– Would sometimes export multiple copies of first grid only

Added Mask feature to canvas output

Added Canvas Name with preset positions
Internal tidyup and bug fixes
Resized main window to 16:9 ratio
Changed colour of Diagonal

Added enter key and shift enter key for vertical editing in list

Bug Fix: Tab key entry on PC crash
Logo size fix

Added escape key to exit fullscreen
Grayscale V and H
Fixed logo size/pos

Added delete and backspace key
Fixed Canvas TL text size and position for various resolutions
Added Full RGB background
Added White Grid option

Better text scaling and positioning
Fruit co. inspired colour scheme

URL fixes for update
sponsor splash screen and link


Drag grid list to re-order

minor performance tweak

Bug Fixes
More Colours inc. Grayscale

New Multi Grid Version
Add many different sized grids to a canvas
Save list of grids
Several new background colour options
Moving cursor on individual grids or whole canvas
Large Grid name and colour option
Grid or Canvas viewer
Added Canvas raster
Added top left co-ordinates for each grid within a canvas
Added repeating save on grid save if nothing selected
Fixed TAB key in grid list
Fixed corner circle scaling for small grids
Added close button on Main Window


  • Toggle cursor colour

  • More Bgnd palettes

  • cursor size/shape fixed

  • improved low resolution text/position

  • improved logo size and position

  • fixed max window size bug



  • 8 more Background options

  • Horizontal Mouse scroll

  • Check for updates mechanism



  • Squashed a bug in the window zooming that’s had me going for days!

  • Renders large grids much faster

  • New Live output canvas with resizable moving cursor

  • 32767 x 32767 pixels maximum

  • New background options including white

  • Text scaling improved

  • Added blue diagonal cross

  • More background options