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Jun 12, 2023 | Case Studies, Corporate, Live

This was so useful, as Alex and I had conversations on UK time about all the show elements and tech needs – he dealt with all the requests without batting an eyelid


At Pixl Evolution, we were honoured to be approached by UK Production Manager Ed Ed Pharo-Tomlin on behalf of a renowned event management agency. They sought our expertise to deliver the technical requirements for their prestigious event in Palm Springs, USA. The project demanded exceptional technical capabilities, including a large curved LED wall and side screens, and we were determined to provide a solution that would meet the client’s needs while staying within the allocated budget.

The client’s brief outlined the need for a UK-based Project Manager to work with USA-based teams to deliver a visually stunning stage design with a 21-meter curved LED wall and two 5-meter LED side screens.



From the onset, our priority was effective communication and coordination. Alex, our UK project manager, worked closely with the US-based teams to ensure seamless collaboration. Despite the time difference, we engaged in conversations about all the show elements and tech needs, addressing any requests without hesitation. This level of proactive support proved invaluable throughout the pre-production stage.

One of the significant challenges we faced was accommodating the high pixel count of the LED wall while mitigating the risk of camera moire. The size and curvature of the LED wall added complexity to the project, requiring a careful LED product selection. To address these concerns, we proposed the use of a 2.6mm ROE Visuals’ Graphite LED product. This choice ensured pixel accuracy while providing forgiving visuals for the presenters in close proximity to the screen.



To manage the extensive pixel count effectively, we incorporated the Brompton Processor, 2x E2 image processors, and a Watchout Media Server into the setup. These technologies played a vital role in achieving pixel-accurate coverage across the expansive 31-meter wide LED screen. Furthermore, we strategically positioned repeater projection screens at the back of the room, enhancing viewing angles and creating an immersive visual experience for all attendees.

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 “Alex was pretty busy with his opposite number over in Orlando and he ensured that everything he and I spoke of was sorted in pre-production. 

This was so useful, as Alex and I had conversations on UK time about all the show elements and tech needs – he dealt with all the requests without batting an eyelid”
“On site, things could have been tricky, but Alex and Nick (The US PM) made it all work – we had a minimum of fuss”
– Ed Pharo-Tomlin, Production Manager.


The results of our solution were exceptional, capturing the essence of the event and captivating the audience. The combination of the LED wall and side screens delivered a visually stunning stage design, bringing the client’s vision to life. Our meticulous attention to detail, coupled with the seamless collaboration between our UK Project Director, Alex Thomas and Nick Whitney (LMG in the US) to design the solution, oversee the implementation and ensure seamless coordination throughout the process.

The feedback from the client was overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to working with them again soon