Robomagic Live’s ‘Live at Fulham Palace’ – Now this show was a privilege to be involved with! It was such a pleasure for our Touring and Entertainment team to spearheaded the technical aspects of the show from designing to delivering a comprehensive 360-degree solution for the event which featured renowned artists Groove Armada and the Ministry of Sound Classical.

The ‘Live at Fulham Palace’ shows aimed to create an immersive experience for the thousands in attendance. Pixl Evolution seamlessly integrated the technical production with the artistic elements of the show, enhancing audience engagement and captivating.


As the Technical Production Lead, we were responsible for:

  1. Designing the 360 Solution: Tom Walsh and his team conceptualised and designed a comprehensive technical solution, integrating LED screens, lighting, and audio systems.
  2. LED Screens: Pixl Evolution deployed state-of-the-art ROE BQ4 LED screens, heightening the visual impact and immersive of the performances.
  3. Lighting: Collaborating with Christie Lights to implement dynamic lighting arrangements, accentuating the energy and mood of each performance.
  4. Audio Systems: Working closely with 22 Live to ensure a top-notch audio solution

We were delighted to be a part of this project, Delivering this 360-degree solution and collaborating with Robomagic Live, Christie Lights, 22 Live, and The Event Umbrella–we look forward to the next collaboration.

A huge thank you to Darren O’Connor, James Massing and the whole team at Robomagic Live, Andy Strachan and his team at Christie Lights, Paul Timmins and everyone at 22 Live, and Gus Corcoran and the whole of The Event Umbrella.