An electrifying Dizzee Rascal show at the O2 Arena

May 2, 2023 | Case Studies, Touring & Entertainment


Our Touring & Entertainment Division were so pleased to have recently worked with Paddy Stewart and Steve Bewley to deliver the LED aspect of an electrifying Dizzee Rascal show at the O2 Arena in London on March 8th, 2023 featuring guest artists to mark 20 years since his debut album boy in da corner. This sold-out show was a spectacular showcase of the design talent of Steve Bewley of Mandy Lights and some of the latest in event technology, including the use of some of ROE’s latest LED products including BQ4 & V8.

The show’s Designer, Steve Bewley, is a force in the industry, having worked on numerous high-profile events in the UK and around the world, and it was a pleasure to be working with him and his team to create such an incredible show.

Pixl Evolution utilised the top-of-the-line ROE BQ4 LED screens that are known for delivering sharp and vivid visuals and creating an immersive experience for the audience. With over 300 sqm of screen used, Pixl delivered an impressive and visually stunning canvas to feature the captivating and dynamic content created and operated by the creative team at More Eyes Matt Sharp & Pete Thornton


The design of the show was a perfect mix of lighting and LED visuals, creating a vibrant atmosphere for the audience. The LED screens were arranged in two 3-sided towers that were 10 meters tall. Additional BQ4 & ROE Vanish 8 screens were hung in a diamond formation using Kinesys motors allowing for independent automation over both screens which featured centrally above the stage.

This allowed for seamless transitions between visuals throughout the show, captivating the audience with the flow through technology in the V8. This feature ensured that the audience remained engaged and excited throughout the performance.


Overall, the Dizzee Rascal show at the O2 Arena was a testament to the power of technology and design in creating unforgettable live events. With the use of ROE BQ4 & V8 LED screens and the creative talent of Steve Bewley, Pixl Evolution showcased an amazing technical event solution.